Chemistry 11

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Current Students schedule:


Feb 14: Reaction Quiz

Feb 15: Review

Feb 16: Science 10 Review Test

Feb 19             Atomic theory day 1: Thomson and Rutherford

Feb 20             Isotopes: Runtium Lab

Feb 21             Atomic Theory day 2: Bohr and Schrodinger

Feb 22/23       Scientist Quiz

Understanding the Atom Project due Feb 27

Feb 27             Quantum leap lab

Feb 28            Electron Configurations of atoms

March 1           Electron Configurations of ions

March 2           Electron configuration Quiz

March 5,6        Periodic Trends

March 7           Period Trends Quiz


March 8,9        Lewis Dots

March 12, 13   Lewis Dot Quiz

Polarity, VSEPR

March 14,15    Inter-molecular forces

March 16         The Atom TEST