Geology 12

Welcome to Geology 12! The goal of this course it to:

· Expose you to the many aspects of Geological Science
· Provide you opportunity to acquire skills used in Geological Sciences
· Provide you the opportunity to develop an understanding of the concepts, processes, and principles of Geology

2017 Geology 12 Outline


  • Physical Geology by Steven Earle used under a CC-BY 4.0 international license.  You may download this book for free at
  • Physical Geology and the Environment First Canadian Edition


This course has Topics and subtopics taught in the following order:

  1. Internal Processes
    1. Plate Tectonics
    2. Seismology
    3. Volcanism and Structural Geology
  2. Earth’s Materials and Resources
    1. Minerals
    2. Rocks
  3. Time and the Fossil Record
    1. Relative Dating
    2. Absolute Dating
    3. Geological time
    4. Fossils
  4. Surface Processes and the Hydrosphere
    1. Weathering
    2. Erosion
  5. Deformation and Mapping
    1. Maps and Models

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