Day Topic Materials
8 Earth Quake Definitions Earthquakes Definitions Notes
What Happened in Japan – Video
9 Seismic Waves  Seismic Waves notes
10 Earthquake Measurement Earthquake Measurement

Locate The Epicenter of an Earthquake
Virtual Earthquake

11 Earthquake Hazards Earthquake Hazards Notes

Anatomy of An Earthquake Video
Cascadia Earthquake Documentary

12         Earth’s Interior                                   The Earth’s Interior Notes

                                                                       Earth’s interior poster


Textbook Support:

Chapter 11 in Physical Geology online text

Unit Objectives:

  • Compare the characteristics and behaviour of the two types of seismic body waves
  • Summarize the variations in seismic-wave velocity as a function of rock type and temperature and pressure conditions
  • Explain how the principle of elastic deformation applies to earthquakes
  • Describe how the main shock and the immediate aftershocks define the rupture surface of an earthquake, and explain how stress transfer is related to aftershocks
  • Explain the process of episodic tremor and slip
  • Describe the relationship between earthquakes and plate tectonics, including where we should expect earthquakes to happen at different types of plate boundaries and at what depths
  • Distinguish between earthquake magnitude and intensity, and explain some of the ways of estimating magnitude
  • Explain the importance of collecting intensity data following an earthquake
  • Describe how earthquakes lead to the destruction of buildings and other infrastructure, fires, slope failures, liquefaction, and tsunami
  • Discuss the value of earthquake predictions, and describe some of the steps that governments and individuals can take to minimize the impacts of large earthquakes
  • Explain some of the ways that seismic data can be used to understand planetary interior
  • Give evidence for the fact that the earth is layered
  • Diagram or model the interior of the earth, labeling all principal parts and showing the approximate thickness of each layer
  • Differentiate among the layers of the earth and describe their characteristics