Time and Fossils

Time and Fossils

Day Topic Materials
1 Introduction to Relative Dating Introduction to Relative Dating Notes
RD Worksheet
RD Worksheet Key
RD Examples and Worksheet
RD Examples and Worksheet Key
2 Igneous Intrusions Igneous Intrusions and Relative Dating
Relative Dating Exercise
3 Absolute Dating  Absolute Dating Notes
Radiometric Dating_Worksheet
4 Problems with Absolute Dating  Problems with Absolute Dating
AD Exercise
AD Worksheet
5 Earth’s Life History  Earth’s Life History
6 How Fossils form  How Fossils Form
Fossilization Questions Key
7 Important Index Fossils  Important Index Fossils
Fossil Worksheet
Fossils and Relative Dating Worksheet
8 Patterns of Evolution  Patterns of Evolution
Adaptive Radiation Exercise
Fossil Review Worksheet

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Learning Outcomes:

• Use the notation for geological time, gain an appreciation for the vastness of geological time, and describe how very slow geological processes can have enormous impacts over time