Biology 10


Day Topic Materials
1 The Cell and Organelles Cell Theory
Cell Model Analogy
Flash cards organelles
Cell Story
Extra Cell Differentiation
2 The Microscope  Jr. science slides drawing
3 Cell Size and Regulation  Dialysis tubing lab
Water balloon cell size lab
4 DNA Intro  DNA notes
DNA worksheet1
6 DNA Structure DNA Sequences for twizzler lab
7 Mitosis  Mitosis Notes
Mitosis worksheet
Mitosis Project
8 Meiosis  Meiosis Notes
9 Genetics Overview  Gentics Terms
Punnett Square Worksheet
Baby Lab
10 Genetics Project  Genetic project
11 Multiple Alleles  Inheritance PP
Inheritance worksheet for PP
12 Sex Linked Traits  Sex linked questions
13 Family Tree  Family Trees
FT worksheet answer 1
FT worksheet answer 2
FT worksheet answer 3
14 Review  Bio Review
15 Test